Dr. Indira Ganeshan - IVF Specialist

One of the best fertility specialists in India, Dr. Indira Ganeshan discusses the issue of infertility. The doctor says, "Infertility is no longer uncommon now. A decade ago, the scenario was different but in present times, one cannot term infertility as being rare as there is an increase in the number infertility cases every year. There are numerous reasons for the cause of infertility which can be identified with respective fertility tests. But, there are certain critical cases which go undiagnosed due to lack of advancement in technology."

Dr Indira Ganeshan has helped hundreds of infertile couples towards a happy parenthood. Not only her Indian patients but the ones from abroad as well, appreciate and recommend Dr. Indira Ganeshan for her remarkable work, honesty and dedication. If you are looking for a fertility specialist do meet a top doctor as it's known, that the doctor and their team play a key role in a successful treatment. Also, being treated from a reputed doctor will ensure that you receive a healthy and positive ambience.