Week by Week Pregnancy Guide and Pregnancy Tips

If you are pregnant then get ready to care for yourself. You are entering in the new phase of life, where you are not only you. Instead you are now holding another life with you. So taking care of yours indirectly means to take care of the new life. It is high time to consult your doctor and go for regular checkups. You need to carry out week by week pregnancy tips so as to make your unborn baby healthy. Every week brings new developments and your baby’s changing day by day, and your body is keeping pace with developments of its own.

Here are some of the best pregnancy tips that you can follow to make yourself and your baby healthy and fit.

The first trimester: 1 – 12 weeks of pregnancy

The first trimester is a stage of major development for your fetus and of profound physical and emotional changes for you. Your body remains busy on developing the fetus and for the same, you find yourself exhausted. Nausea, morning sickness and micturition become the major problems of this time. You need to take plenty of rest, and should avoid excessive workloads. Avoid eating heavy food like uncooked or raw meat or fish. Also soft cheese, coffee and tea should only be consumed in minimum quantity. Smoking and drinking should be completely avoided as these affects seriously to the baby’s health.

The second trimester: 13 – 27 weeks of pregnancy

The second trimester period is considered as the best time duration for a pregnant lady. As at this time all the side effects that were earlier experienced during the first trimester have begun to disappear and you start feeling well. Also the weight of maturing baby is not as much as it will stress you. But at times you may feel some problems related to digestion. The slower rate of your digestive system can cause constipation and thus you are suggested to eat smaller meals more regularly, instead of taking three larger meals a day. Go for regular walks.

The third trimester: 28 – 40 weeks of pregnancy

Your uterus is now heavier with the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid, so no wonder you may feel a bit uncomfortable. You may find some difficulties in sleeping and hence make yourself comfortable with pillows and try to sleep on your side. You should not sit cross leg during this time and avoid standing for a long period. Stretch marks start appearing on your waist and hence consult your doctor for some cream to fade up these marks.

Take proper rest, proper diet and a regular exercise to carry out an easy and safe delivery.

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